• Piotr KOMALA

    Marketing and Innovation Director, Saint-Gobain, Poland

    “Saint-Gobain has always been open to innovations that make the surrounding space comfortable, aesthetic and environmentally friendly. I would like to invite you to the GIS conference in Warsaw where idea of better living and better working meets the design and new look on the glass.” said Piotr Komala.

    Saint-Gobain Glass is a leading European manufacturer of top quality interior glass for all types of applications, starting from the housing by office buildings, public buildings ending with hotels, where usability must go hand in hand with functionality and harmony. Close, long-term co-operation with the architects responsible for the selection of materials and technology has led to the decision of Saint-Gobain Glass to become the Sponsor of this unique event.

    The 350 – year history of the Saint-Gobain Group has been strongly associated with glass. Over the centuries, Saint-Gobain experienced a dynamic growth including glass and sectors of other building materials – now the Group is composed of several dozen well-known and respected, also in Poland, brands, including Saint-Gobain Glass, Weber, Isover, Ecophon, Rigips or PAM.

    Title of presentation: „Saint-Gobain Glass-Design & Innovation”

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