• Arch. Oskar ZIETA

    Guest Speaker, Zieta Prozessdesign
    CEO of Zieta Prozessdesign, Poland

    Red Dot Award


    Oskar Zieta is the inventor of FiDU and 3+ technologies and founder of Zieta Prozessdesign a multidyscyplinary team of architects, designers, engineers, technologists, sociologists to name a few.

    As process designers we not only aspire to design fabulous forms. The aim is to create innovative solutions which generate endless possibilities for development and usage. We design processes that are inspiring and lead us to unusual results and forms.

    Our production process takes advantage of synergy between technology and material properties. Excellent knowledge of material and our technology have a crucial influence on efficiency, flexibility and environmental aspects of the process. Most important for us are not only machines, but connections between every part of every machine and process. We use additive production method. It means that we created 3D object by inflated flat shapes without taking away any material.

    We designed for Architonic, Audi, Ballantines, Pirelli, Victoria & Albert Museum but research is not only focused on architecture and design. Zieta Prozessdesign cooperate amongst others with car and the space industry.

    Oskar Zieta has been awarded the AUDI-Mentor-Price 2011, the Red Dot Award 2008, DMY Award for Innovation in production process 2008, the YDMI 2008, the German Design Council Prize 2009, the Forum Aid Awards 2009, technology Award – Materialica 2009, was nominated to the “Schweizer Design Preis” 2009.

    A Plopp stool already has become an icon of modern design and it is also presented in the collections of the Pompidou Centre as one of the 12 seats that has changed contemporary design.

    Barbara is more than 1200 m2 of modern, multifunctional space, which is a showcase of polish, contemporary design thinking. Offices, cafeteria, conference, exhibition and recreation rooms – it’s a modern in form and design space, designed by Zieta Prozessdesign.

    All arrangements are based on 3+ collection – new. modular furniture system designed by Oskar Zieta. 3+ is innovative technology for stabilising sheet-metal, in the form of our furniture collection 3+. It’s a modular solution reflecting today’s nomadic and mobile lifestyle. Thanks to set of connectors every stabilizing perforation can be used as starting point for creating a new construction. What’s more, BARBARA will be the center and infopoint of European Capitol of Culture 2016.

    Presentation of the preoject

    Who knows how many Polish chairs and seats has iconic status? Polish chairs that have gained international recognition? The “SIT IN POLISH” aims to bring together in one place the best examples of Polish design. All facilities have been designed by Polish designers and put into production by Polish companies in latach1941 – 2014. What’s more, many of them became a symbol of his times and has received numerous international awards at the head of the Red Dot awards, furniture Oscar. The selection of models showing mainly a variety of Polish furniture war decades, both in the experimental and production serial.