• Arch. Marcin KIENDRA

    Guest Speaker, Ekspo
    Architect, Ekspo, Poland

    PRESENTATION: “Underground interiors in Wieliczka Salt Mine”

    AWARDS: 2009 Award for “Wydzial Komunikacji i Zarzadzania UJ” as building fully accessable for disabled persons 2011 Award for “Garden Residence” as best apartment building in Krakow in competition “Kraków Mój Dom” 2013 2nd Award for “Yin-Yang House” in national competition for best architecture idea

    “I work as an architect since 2003. During last 13 years I was involved in big projects and most of them was realized. Generally in our office we project university and office buildings and so far we made about 150.000 m2 of useful space. Lot of our projects are very complicated with special technology such as laboratories, clean-labs and other technical space. I am involved in each part of our projects from the first sketch to finishing touches. My work is not only making drawings but also meeting with installation designers, investors and building crew, working on all part of building documentation including coordination.”

    Wieliczka Salt Mine was created in XIII century and now it is one of the greatest polish tourist attraction and received many prizes in national competitions. Tourist tour leads through rooms-chambers 3km long and the deepest part is 315m under surface. According to specific climate in Salt Mine there are only allowed few building materials which could be used including wood, stainless steel and aluminium. All of them were used during building process. Characteristic element in interior design are natural rock surface and salt elements on walls.