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    GIS 2016



    GIS – International Interior Architecture and Interior Design Expo Conference is one of the most important events dedicated to recent best practice examples of Polish and European architecture, of the awarded projects, of the architects with outstanding results.

    The 6th edition will take place in Kracόw, on February 23, 2016 and is organised by ABplus Events, under the patronage of National Chamber of Polish Architects (IARP) and the Association of Polish Architects (SARP Cracόw).

    The guest speakers invited at GIS Kracόw international expo conference are the industry’s most inventive multi-disciplinary minds, winners of the latest editions of international interior architecture and interior design competitions.

    GIS Kracόw offers two days of presentation, networking and inspiration, and lectures held by architects and designers from Japan, Thailand, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

    Highly-awarded architects and designers, from the world’s best practice, share their experience and knowledge through lectures dedicated to the continous education and training of the Polish professionals in the audience.

    The event will bring together over 250 architects, designers, lighting specialists, project owners and beneficiaries, companies with solutions for interiors.

    GIS Kracόw (thematic interior architecture and interior design) is part of the series of thematic international expo conferences organized in 2016 by ABplus Events in Poland, Hungary and Romania, alongside INGLASS (thematic glass architecture and engineering), LAUD (landscape architecture and infrastructure projects), RIFF (facades and roofs projects).

    ABplus Events has a 20 years experience in the organization of architecture trade events for architects and contractors and is active on the Polish market of the international architectural trade events since 2014, through events that have reunited so far more than 900 architects from all over the Poland in the audience, together with architect speakers from Poland and 30 other countries.

    I invite you to join the new editions of our events in 2016!”

    Florin Mindirigiu
    Co-Founder and CEO ABplus Events

    Arch. Mariusz ŚCISŁO, President of the Association of Polish Architects

    The success of this conference, organised for the second time in cooperation with Association of Polish Architects is the presents of so many architects, which we can see here. Hundreds of people from all over the Poland, architects, interior designers and is the prove that such an event is necessary. We need such a branch meeting. The presence of famous representatives of international companies and important architecture offices from all over the world is a confirmation that such international contacts are interesting and needed for our architects and this is the positive condition. Thematic of the conference, the interior design and architecture is complementary to our perception of architecture. It’s a good symbiosis and good dialogue between designers of applied art and architects. One cannot exist apart from another and this is presented at this conference.

    Arch. Nini ANDRADE SILVA, Special guest GIS Warsaw 2015, FounderS+A, INTERIOR DESIGN BY NINI ANDRADE SILVA

    I think GIS Warsaw 2015 is a very important initiative because it is the best way of creating synergies between professionals and general audience. Engaging different professionals in the field of interior design, architecture, furniture and lighting allows sharing know-how and expertise. I believe this is the right way to improve the sector. In life I love to share my experiences and explain the way I develop my work making young people believe in dreams and fighting to make them come true. It is my first time in Warsaw and I’m very happy with this invitation.

    Piotr KOMALA, Marketing and Innovation Director SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS

    I am very happy that such a meeting, like today, can take place, where in one place you have the possibility to meet so many people, for whom interior architecture, design and space design is the genuine passion, for some of them is the whole life. Saint Gobain, as a sponsor, are also people, for whom glass is a passion, for whom design and innovation are the true challenges and this meeting in my opinion will be very fruitful, exchange of information, different types of meetings, sharing from one point of view products, from another – needs and inspirations will have the very interesting effect and I am happy that I am able to participate in this event.

    Dariusz PIECHOWIAK, Chief investment officer, Porta

    This conference brought together many people, and what is more interesting, this was an international experience, so we had a chance to see the propositions of different environments, including international. It’’s an interesting proposition for the audience, to see and experience totally, maybe not the latest solutions, but totally different perspective of the form of design, usage of light, this everything together causes that we can compare solutions and elements from different countries. I consider it very nice. Surely it was worth trying to present ourselves with the exhibition stand, the form which enables to exchange the experiences, to speak with architects here, in this place, the form of presentation alone is in fact only the trailer, which can be the chance in the future, today we want to see how it’s possible to be used in the long term perspective.

    Paweł GRUDZIEŃ, CEO Aluco

    In my opinion it’s an excellent idea – the organisation of this type of event and the participation of the companies, like us, where we have the opportunity to meet about 200 participants – the representatives of the biggest architecture offices in Poland, famous internațional architecture stars. First thing is the chance to meet them, another is the possibility of hearing something interesting during the event. We cooperate with architects for years, recently we introduced into the market new products and solutions. That’s what we want to present to them.


    Judging by the noise there’s a lot of people, I didn’t expected such an attendance, I like very much that I can see here people from various branches. I escaped from the architecture into sport design, because I didn’t want to stay only in concrete and glass and here I can see that the connection between design, architecture and urban planning, it’s starting to happen which makes me happy. I always tell silly stories, people like to listen to them. But first of all I charm away a little bit the profession of designer. There was a common notion for a long time that the designer is a young guy, wearing colourful fancy clothes in the streets of Warsaw, making lots of useless gadgets, wedding gifts, which are exposed the some design fairs and no one buys it. But my mission is to show that design is the process design, the creation of products, which are simply useful, which – as my motto says – are made to bring the advantage to the user and the gain to the investor in the same time. It’s difficult to compare this conference to other events, because every single event has it’s own profile, some of them are dedicated to investors, some of them to architects, to the particular branch. For example we were designing last year an exhibition for developers, there were no architects. Would I recommend this event? Yes, this is the very wide formula, according to opinions of my employees, which are with me here, there was an extremely interesting presentation after mine, regarding the design of the interior of the plane. Maybe it was worth dividing the event by the thematic sections, because there was a very wide spectrum of interests, e. g. someone who is interested in transport interiors is not very big fan of sinks and vice versa – this is mine suggestion for future.

    Jędrzej ZDZIECHOWSKI, Construction Building Systems Specialist, Lafarge

    I am the person responsible for the contact with architects in Lafarge, this is why for me this type of the event is a very important experience, additional advantage is that the conference brings together not only architects but also interior designers and furniture. Summarizing, this is the wide auditorium which we can reach in the same time. Meeting such a big number of people individually would be probably much more difficult and much more expensive. Today we had a presentation, I was the presenter, and already we had a couple of people discussing with us, so we can say that we had a good response. I hope that this is our first meeting, but surely not the last, I count on you during the future meetings of this type. Organisation of the event is really good, I like the speakers, from one side they are fascinates, from the other – people, who gained success, this shows that it is worth to be a fascinate of what you do, because this leads you to success.

    Liesbeth BRACKE, Interior Design Consultant, Team Leader Europe at AGC GLASS EUROPE

    First of all, it’s very well organized and I am very happy to be here today and to be part of it, because I normally don’t actively work in Poland, but you, understand more, that gives me better understanding of how architects and designers in Poland work, yes, it’s interesting, well organized and I enjoyed giving the presentation as well. Normally I have more interaction with the audience, but this was a sponsor presentation, very limited in time, so I tried to give them inspiration during my presentation, I think it worked, we had a few people that also came and ask more information about things I’ve presented. Maybe one thing would be better to
    have a bit of interaction, within 10 minutes it’s not possible, so within that, let’s say frame, I think it was the nice audience for sure.

    Michał BRAMOWSKI, Divine tables

    This is the very interesting conference, so many famous people of today’s thematic. In my opinion it was really worth coming here, seeing this all, listening. Our project, which was presented today by the President of SARP, Mr Mariusz Ścisło. The thing is that Mr Ścisło, President of SARP invited everyone for the discussion at a round table, according to the rich Polish tradition of roundtable. Every our decision, the most important to our country was made at the round table. And in Poland we designed such a round table, which is going to have as much places as it’s necessary. It was a pleasure to present our project în front of that public. We were very pleased and the reaction was very positive, too.

    Arch. Johannes Baar Baarenfels, Founder BAAR-BAARENFELS ARCHITEKTEN

    I think this event is great. Internațional people bring together to Warsaw. Fantastic thing, fantastic event and amazing opportinity. I do belive, is so importnat to bring together people with this inspiration, is connecting, everybody brings his point of view and I that is way is very inspiring and I really can recommend it absolutely.


    It was a fantastic experience and I thankful to be part of it. There were a lot of architects and professionals and that make this event so interesting experience.

    Arch. Ian MACREADY, Director and Key Designer,VW+BS

    For us is always exciting to comming here and listening what other collegeus has to say and of course today it was great privilege to be on the same platfom with somebody from Snohetta, who is a architecture practise, we had huge a respectfull. Always this kind of events are great, because you can meet people, talk to people and exchange ideas, so it works really well. Today I just give a background to our studio and house, transformed for one member. It’s not that is much bigger, but how we extended the reacher what we do from architecture through product design, exhibition design, event design and I think one of things I want to talk about specificly was how a lot of this design ideas came together and this project we did for Vergin Atlantic for theat new cabins and bars.

    Jerzy WÓJCIK, President of Reckli Poland

    We are really glad to take part în GIS Warsaw conference and that this kind of events are organized. We have chance to meet here a lot of architects which are our target group of cooperator nad we truly belive that this events will have influence for our company results în future months. Reckli is the world leader în the design and manufacture of elastomeric polyurethane formliners and moulds for patterned concrete. This system allows architects, planners and builders the greatest possible freedom to meet virtually any design requirement. Definetely this is that more beautifull side of concrete. Nowadays conrete is more and more often used to design interior, for example we are creating concrete table or even plunge pool. În Poland this technology is more well known, it is because more and more internațional companies are investing în here and they know the quality of this realization which we can provide. We are glad to be here and we have hope that today in the centre of Warsaw this events will make our realization well known.