• GIS 2014



    arch. Nini ANDRADE SILVA
    International Design & Architecture Awards, Overal Winner. She is one of the most highly-awarded designers of the moment and the Special Guest of GIS Warsaw 2015.
    Martin GRAN
    Managing Director and Partner of an award winning, transdisciplinary design agency, one of the most discussed and sought-after practices today. Winner of Aga Khan Award and Mies van der Rohe Award.
    Arch. Mariusz ŚCISŁO
    President of the Association of Polish Architects, the Co-organizer of GIS Warsaw 2015.
    arch. Paweł KOBYLAŃSKI
    Vice President for Foreign Affairs of the Association of Polish Architects – SARP, former Vice President for External Affairs of the National Council of the Chamber of Architects
    arch. Dominic HARRIS
    The Winner of Lighting Design Award 2014, the most important international competition in the field of lighting
    arch. Cristian Santandreu UTERMARK
    The author of the only European project awarded in 2014 in USA by the International Interior Design Association, IIDA, within the most important international competition dedicated to interior architects and designers.
    arch. Voon WONG
    Winner of the President’s Design Award Singapore, Designer of the Year and member of the jury at INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2014.
    arch. Johannes BAAR-BAARENFELS
    Author of Palais Rasumofsky, winner of the first prize of the category “New and Old” at the 2013 World Architecture Festival in Singapore.
    Multiple award-winner of the most important international design competitions of the past year and nominated at Best Restaurant, Best Bar and Best Café categories at the 2014 edition of the world’s only event dedicated exclusively to the design of food and drink spaces.
    arch. Fokke MOEREL
    Winner of the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award 2013 for high quality design, exceptional projects and refined detail solutions.