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    International debate – Interior Architects as a regulated profession

    GIS program included an international debate – Interior architects as a regulated profession. Architects and interior designers from Japan, Thailand, UK, Italy, Spain, France and Poland shared their views regarding the posibilty that profession of interior architects should be regulated or not.

    Arch. Borys Czarakcziew moderator of the debate said that the panel discussing weather or not the profession of interior architects must be regulated was very important. We could learn that the profession of architect is regulated all over the world, in Thailand, in Japan etc. On the other hand, it was very important to find the answer to the question. In the countries represented in the conference we don’t feel like interior architecture should be a regulated profession. One of the guest speakers, arch. Claudio Nardi, said one very important thing „ you can’t register quality”. Registration is just administration and that’s very important because the other presentations were showing the ideas and the capacity of their architecture skills. But this one was very important for me that we are just following the low-cost architecture, we are loosing the high quality. Everyone who was present in the room agreed that low cost forces us to decrease the quality.”

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